Mystery ‘Rotherham’ man sparks nation-wide hunt

A MYSTERY man who believes that he may be from Rotherham has sparked a nation-wide hunt for friends and family.

Humberside Police has circulated images of the man who came to the force’s attention after he was discovered sleeping rough on the streets of Cleethorpes last September.

It is hoped that someone will come forward to help turn the fortunes of the homeless man who cannot be sure of his name or age due to chronic memory loss.

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DCI Paul Welton, who is leading the investigation, said: “This is very rare case in which somebody will come to an area, and have no idea who they are and if they have any family.

“The man is no longer sleeping rough and is being supported by the police and a number of agencies.

“He does not drink alcohol and does not take any form of drugs or medication, this is a genuine case of somebody who really does need to the help of the public to return home to his family and his friends.”

The man has been fully co-operative with the police and the other agencies and gave his name as David Thorpe and his date of birth as October 5, 1955.

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Thorough searches of both police and NHS records failed to find a man with those details, however.

He thought he was from the Rotherham area but could have connections in Blackpool.

The man has advised police that he suffers from a disorder called dissociative fugue, a condition often connected to some form of traumatic experience which can cause loss of memory.

A police spokesman described the man is well spoken, but having a northern accent, adding: “He is not a person who sits begging on the street and he is not wanted for any criminal offences.”

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DCI Paul Welton said: “We have not been able to establish how the man came to stop in North East Lincolnshire, however we are doing all we can to help him find his family and friends.

“Anyone, who may think they can help this man find out who he is should call Humberside Police as a matter of urgency. We want to do all we can to help him but we can’t do that if somebody does not come forward to tell us who he is.”

Anyone with information about the man’s identity should contact Humberside Police by dialling 101, quoting log number 314 of January 24.


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