MP's plea for Labour to regroup after EU referendum result

DEARNE MP Caroline Flint has urged the Labour Party to regroup after UK voters voted to quit the European Union.

Doncaster, like much of the north, voted strongly to leave the union, contributing to a referendum ressult which prompted Prime Minister David Cameron to resign and heaped pressure on Labour leader Jeremy Coryn.

Don Valley MP Ms Flint (pictured) said: “The people have spoken and the Government and major parties must listen.

“The referendum split the country down the middle. But now we need to come together to make the best of this situation for everyone.

“My first concern is to see the Government take every step to minimise any adverse effects on ordinary families.  

“This is an uncertain time for our country. I also want politicians to be more honest and open about the strong feelings in towns like Doncaster — and many places beyond the big cities — about the effects of immigration.  

“The Labour Party, from the Leader down, needs to show that we understand the feelings of voters, and we will address them.

“The months and years ahead will be difficult for the country, and we will have to work together to protect jobs and living standards in Doncaster during that period.”

Doncaster voted 68.94 per cent to Leave (104,260 votes) and 31.02 per cent to Remain in the EU, with a turnout of 69.56 per cent. There were 64 spoilt ballots.