MP calls for big businesses to publish tax returns

DON Valley MP Caroline Flint has called on the Prime Minister to require companies like Google to publish their tax returns.

Ms Flint said she was concerned with the news that Google had struck a deal to pay £130 million in tax when its profit level suggested it should cough up much more.

Ms Flint said: “Not everyone is as satisfied as the Chancellor, with what for Google is loose change to cover their tax liabilities.

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“On Monday (January 25), the honourable member for Amber Valley (Nigel Mills MP) called for Government to make companies publish their tax returns.

“In that way we can all see how they got from their cash profit to their tax bill. “Does the Prime Minister agree?”

Prime Minister David Cameron replied: “I do want a situation where we make the rules in this house and the HMRC enforce them.”

UK corporation tax is 20 per cent but experts believe that even with Google’s recent payment, their tax rate will be about three per cent.