Misery of life on Canklow's street of fear

FIREBUGS and hooligans have got residents of a Rotherham street trapped in their homes by fear.

Improvement work on Warden Street, Canklow, began in 2009, but had to stop after Housing Market Renewal funding was cut.

Now the remaining residents of the half-deserted street say they dare not go out for fear of being attacked.

Rotherham Borough Council this week announced £458,364 of investment from the New Homes Bonus plan towards restarting the stalled regeneration scheme—but residents said that it was too little, too late.

“The council may well restart this building work but, quite frankly, the horse has already bolted,” said one woman, who asked to remain anonymous.

“There are too many problems around here, with youngsters throwing stones, starting fires and drinking.”

Out of 30 homes on Warden Street, 14 are currently empty.

New Homes Bonus cash is given to local authorities for every newly-built home as part of a Government programme aimed at easing housing shortages, with £350 extra allocated for each new “affordable” home.

Rotherham has been awarded £508,364 as part of the 2011/12 New Homes Bonus, £50,000 of which will go towards drawing up an Infrastructure Delivery Plan for Rotherham.

Neighbourhood Investment Services will use the rest of the cash to continue demolishing old properties and funding the building of new ones.

The council aims for up to 64 new homes to be built in Castle Avenue, Warden Street and Canklow Road in the long term.   

The Government has only allocated additional funding payments until 2014/15 so Rotherham’s share—which could be up to £1 million a year—will depend on the rate of building in the next few years.

Boston Castle councillor Mahroof Hussain, whose ward includes Canklow, blamed the coalition Government for the situation, insisting: “We were going along fine with the regeneration of this area but in one swoop this government came in and cut the Housing Market Renewal funding.

“We are left with vulnerable residents and businesses who are kind of stuck in limbo.


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