Mini-mayor's life in the fast lane

Little mayor Sohail Hussain got a taste of life in the fast lane when he paid a visit to the town’s very own Formula One team during a day in the role of Rotherham’s first citizen.

Sohail was chauffeured around in the mayoral car, ET1, and paid visits to meet motorsport supremo John Booth at Dinnington-based Virgin Racing before taking lunch at the Town Hall and enjoying an afternoon snack cooked in Clifton Park’s recently renovated Victorian kitchen.

The 12-year-old’s VIP treatment came after Town Hall officials gathered nominations from across the borough for a youngster to be the town’s little mayor for a day in the event’s 20th year.

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Janet Fletcher, Rotherham Borough Council’s assistant events and promotions manager, said: “Sohail was absolutely thrilled but worn out by the end of the day. I think he must have been busier than the real mayor.”

The Oakwood Technology College pupil was sworn in as little mayor for the day at a robing ceremony on Tuesday morning before heading to sample life with Rotherham racers, Virgin Racing.