MEP slams Farage over “defence” of Trump sex comments

UKIP MEP Jane Collins has distanced herself from acting party leader Nigel Farage’s defence of Donald Trump's sexist remarks, saying Mr Farage was trying to “defend the indefensible”.

Ms Collins, who stood for election in Rotherham last year, said; “Trump's sexist and derogatory comments have unequivocally proven he is totally unfit to be President of the United States, and Nigel Farage should think very carefully about defend him.

“While in the past, I have been one of Nigel Farage's biggest supporters, his attempts to not only excuse Trump’s vile behaviour but also to make this kind of criminal behaviour seem normative, make me seriously question his judgement in this matter."

“I have spent years fighting for more protections from sexual assault of all types. It, therefore, sickens me that my party leader seeks to say this was nothing more than ‘locker room banter’.

“These types of remarks are not normal, nor are they acceptable.”

US presidential candidate Mr Trump was widely condemned after the release of a tape from 2005 in which he made crude references to the sexual assault of women.

Ms Collins added: “As for Mr Trump, in light of his remarks, I think he should now be a real man; admit his mistakes, and withdraw from the presidential race - but I am not going to hold my breath.”