Maltby ‘scientists’ take their knowledge to the capital

SCIENCE students from Maltby Academy were chosen from thousands across the country to showcase their knowledge at a London exhibition.

Maltby was the only school picked to take part in the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.

It followed the school’s work on the Secret Life of Birds project, which saw bird boxes place around the Maltby site and cameras used to collect information on bird behaviour, before students analysed bird eggs with specialist scientific equipment.

Officials from the Royal Society visited the school before selecting it for the exhibition.

The research done by Maltby Academy was carried out in partnership with the University of Sheffield and funded by the Royal Society Partnership Grants scheme.

Maltbys participation in the Summer Science Exhibition was also funded by the Royal Society.

The students were visited at their stall there by Rother Valley MP Sir Kevin Barron, who described the event as “a fantastic opportunity to learn about ground-breaking science happening all across the UK”.

The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition is an annual display of the most exciting cutting-edge science and technology in the UK and is attended by thousands of members of the public and students.

Maltby students displayed their work alongside members of 21 UK research groups.

Mr Barron added: “I am delighted to have met with researchers from Maltby Academy and to see first-hand how science taking place in my constituency is not only providing local jobs and economic growth but also contributing to national and international efforts to learn more about our world and deliver benefits for all of humanity.”

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