Lorry driver facing £300,000 damages claim

A ROTHERHAM lorry driver being sued by a cyclist for more than £300,000 after she was run over by his vehicle has strongly denied her claims that he was to blame.

Paul Moore is facing legal action from Doris Barrera-Torrico (31), who alleges he was negligent after two back wheels of his lorry ran over her right leg more than two years ago.

But Mr Moore, of Greystones Road, Rotherham, said: “There is no truth in her claims and I will be contesting it all the way.

“She claims I overtook her and I did not.

“I didn’t even know it had gone to the High Court because I thought it had already been kicked out a long time ago.

“I have never been prosecuted for anything and I have seen all the witness statements to prove that.”

Mr Moore denies claims of negligence by failing to see her, failing to give her enough space or that he overtook her.

He also refutes driving too fast or that he failed to look out for vulnerable road users.


he claims have been made in a writ issued at London’s High Court. Miss Barrera-Torrico, of Gipsy Hill, London, is demanding damages from Mr Moore after she needed multiple operations for her injuries.

The accident happened on December 11, 2007, in Holloway Road, North London, when she was in a filter lane on the dual carriageway waiting at a red light, according to the writ.

The document says that she rode into the middle lane, but could hear an articulated Mercedes lorry closing in on her and tried to brake, but the lorry hit her right handlebar and she fell onto the road on her back.

She claimed she tried to tuck herself under a stationary McDonald’s lorry, but her helmet did not fit underneath it.

Mr Moore allegedly continued to drive through the junction and his back wheels ran over her right leg, the writ alleges.

Her injuries included a severely-fractured right thigh as well as other injuries, for which she needed multiple operations and skin grafts.

The writ accuses Mr Moore of failing to see her, failing to give her enough space, that he overtook her when there was not enough room, positioned his lorry too close to the McDonald’s lorry, failing to keep a proper lookout and failing to take evasive action.

The claim is estimated to total £300,000. A date has not yet been set for the hearing.