Life-saving kit comes to Woodsetts

A RURAL village is celebrating the arrival of life-saving equipment at its village hall.

Woodsetts residents welcomed the installation of a defibrillator at the Gildingwells Road venue which has been funded by a group of local organisations.

Richard Swann, chairman of Woodsetts Parish Council, said: “We’re delighted to have this wonderful piece of life-saving equipment in the village.  

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“Woodsetts is a small rural village where medical help may not be quickly available and we know if the defibrillator saves just one life the effort and expense will be more than worthwhile.

“Our grateful thanks go to all those who supported and funded this project including South Yorkshire Ambulance Service, The British Heart Foundation, The Community Leadership Fund, Maltby Lions and the residents of Woodsetts who were very generous in donating money to make this possible.  

“Woodsetts Parish Council has kindly agreed to cover the cost of the upkeep of the machine.”

The machine is used to administer an electric shock if someone goes into cardiac arrest and works by providing a series of voice prompts until medical help arrives.

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Statistics from the British Heart Foundation show that there are around 60,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests each year. For every minute that passes without CPR or defibrillation, a person’s chance of survival is reduced by 10 per cent.

Members of the public are now being invited to a free training session with South Yorkshire Ambulance Service from 6.30pm on March 3 at the village hall. Booking is not necessary.