LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Royal family bring money into country

RE the letter from Andrew Redding, I saw the Queen in 1954 when our school stood outside the swimming baths on Sheffield Road, and again in the late 80s when she opened the bandstand in Clifton Park after its refurbishment.

I met Princess Diana in the town centre and shook her hand, and I saw Princess Margaret at the Parish Church.

I know that a lot of the royal family have been in surrounding parts of Rotherham to do with business, and don’t forget the royalty bring money into the country for people who come to see our royalty, while our government send our money out.

They have sold nearly everything we owned, even our football teams are owned by people abroad, and we voted them in — what a shower.

Long live the King.

H Hubbard (Mrs), Brecks


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