LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ignoring CSE was all about winning votes

IT is now very clear that the majority of Child Sexual Exploitation happened under Labour controlled towns.

To name three of the most prominent to be reported on we have Rotherham, Rochdale and now the damning report on Telford almost eight years after Rotherham’s Jay Report.

And nearly exactly the same outcome reported.

Police not taking the girls seriously and taking very little action.

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The council services doing next to nothing to stop this happening.

Politicians doing nothing to try and stop any of this.

How can any of these people say they did not know? This has been exposed since the Sunday Times story in September 2012 about Rotherham which said thousands of girls were being groomed.

Organisations such as CROP, now PACE, were pleading with MPs from early 2000 to help them get the police and councils to take action.

All these towns have one common thread — votes. Yes, they kept quiet for the Asian block vote in all three of these towns.

The police say they did not want to raise racial tension.

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Well now it is long past the time we, the law-abiding public, say to the authorities and the police enough is enough, we want these officials who did not do their jobs to be investigated by a truly independent body of people.

Those to be investigated should include police officers, council officers, civil servants, councillors and MPs with a view to prosecution.

Most of the reports done to date have been written with the intention of covering up and protecting these people.

It is now known that the IOPC know the names of the Senior South Yorkshire Police officers who gave the order on or around 2008 to police officers telling them to stop investigating CSE.

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Both the Drew Report by the Police Commissioner and the IOPC report omitted to name these officers, even saying they could not identify them. They deliberately covered this up and now will not answer Freedom of Information requests.

Caven Vines, campaigner for Truth & Justice