John Healey MP welcomes footpath upgrade after two-year campaign

AN MP has welcomed a footpath upgrade – following a two-year campaign.


John Healey started the efforts to boost the walkway in October 2021 after meeting Royal Mail workers who raised concerns about the safety of the footpath that they use to get to work.

He then took this up directly with the Rights of Way team at Rotherham Council and the landowner St Pauls, aiming to bring them together to agree action to improve the footpath that runs between Knollbeck Lane, Brampton and Cortonwood Retail Park.

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The landowners agreed to cover the cost of the resurfacing of the area of the path that needed it the most.

The work was completed in just three days, made from crushed limestone to provide a stronger and more durable surface and the plants that covered the sides of the path were cut back to create a more open space.

Rotherham Council supported this work and offerAed their technical advice to St Pauls to minimise chance of delays as well as joining them to inspect the new surface last month.

John Healey, MP for Wentworth & Dearne, welcomed these works.

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He said: “I’m really pleased to see a proper surface on this footpath into Cortonwood Retail Park.

“It was rough, muddy and dangerous underfoot before, so it’s great to bring the landowners and Rotherham Council together to get this work done.

“This footpath is so well used by local residents who want to shop at the retail park and by staff who need to get into work.

“Every time we’ve done a site visit, people stop to tell us how helpful an upgrade would be.”

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David Newton, managing director of St Pauls Developments plc, said: “We’re really grateful to John Healey for bringing us together with Rotherham Council after raising local concerns over the condition of the footpath with us.

"We’ve very much enjoyed working together on this matter and I’m pleased to have been able to organise these improvements to get this better surface laid on the footpath.

“I hope this is helpful for all the residents who travel along this path when visiting and working at Cortonwood Retail Park.”