Jobs for the miners

REDUNDANT pit workers from Maltby are among a batch of new recruits at an expanding mine in the north east.

Cleveland Potash — based between Middlesbrough and Whitby — produces over a million tons of potash a year for fertilisers, glassmaking and the pharmaceutical industries.

More than 50 new staff have been taken on from Maltby — which closed in April — plus Hatfield in Doncaster and pits in Wales and the Midlands.

Cleveland Potash general manager Phil Baines said: “Modern mining is a complex, expensive and difficult working environment.

“So we are delighted to welcome on board the newly-recruited experienced men. It is especially gratifying that we can offer them jobs and a secure future at a time when other mines are laying off workers.”

He added: “It is important, in terms of securing our future, to ensure that we have a steady supply of properly-trained, highly-competent young people coming through into the workforce.”

The mine — which also produces 500,000 tons of salt — has announced an expansion plan securing it for 40 years.