"I want haunted doll to attack me"

MEET Christine the doll. 
Lee Steer pictured with Christine the dollLee Steer pictured with Christine the doll
Lee Steer pictured with Christine the doll

She looks just like any you would find in a child’s bedroom — with a smiling face and an immaculate dress.

But there is much more to this particular doll than meets the eye, and paranormal investigator Lee Steer is desperate to find out its secrets — and for it to attack him after his dad Paul claims it scratched him.

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Lee, a founder member of investigative group Project-reveal, said the group bought the doll for 866 from a collector who said she was too scared to keep it in her home.

Lee (30), of Rawmarsh, said: “It has opened my eyes a bit, though I’m still a sceptic. 

“I want it in my bedroom so I can get attacked. I really want to be proved wrong.

“I really want to push it. I am asking to get scratched.”

A live Facebook broadcast by Project-Reveal was also interrupted by strange changes to the lighting, Lee added.

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He also said people have claimed to have heard it say it was called Christine.

Now, Lee and his fellow investigators want to discover more about the doll which comes from the USA and will send it to a parapsychologist for further investigation — and then to another paranormal investigator who wants to study it.

Lee said the group spotted the doll for sale in a newspaper and said the owners husband also suffered scratch marks and she was frightened by a nightmare in which the doll was chasing her.

Lee said: “She put it in the shed because she did not feel easy about it.

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“The doll was sent to Lee straight after it appeared with its original owner on a TV programme.”

Lee said: “We opened it live on Facebook and while we were doing it the portable lights began flickering and pulsating.

“The doll is said to trigger smoke alarms and I got really hot, really sweating.”

During the live stream people thought the doll was calling itself Christine.

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On the second day of owning the doll, Lee’s dad Paul, who has hearing difficulties, woke up hearing a tapping sound which turned into thuds.

Lee said: “This is now the second person who it has happened to in the proximity of the doll.

“I posted this information on Facebook and people went mental about it.”

The group believe the doll was made in the US between 1890 and 1920, and was possibly a gift to a married couple.

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Their research suggests the Franklin Mint Gibson doll came from a home in Arizona where there were 1,000 other dolls. It is believed that a woman living there may have been shot by her husband.

Project-reveal, also known as Ghosts of Britain and which has had programmes broadcast on Amazon Prime, is now aiming to make a documentary about the doll.

Lee said spirits can attach themselves to objects which have some importance to them and if the object travels, the spirit attached to it can travel too.

Lee said he expects there will be some reaction to the doll from the public.

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He said: “When it comes to hauntings the general public are 50-50. The majority of people would rather hate it than think its really happening.

“I am expecting people not to believe the story. I did expect to get some backlash.

“We are not doing this for the cash. Any funds we raise we use to buy equipment to continue our paranormal research, make TV shows, and so on.”

Project-reveal member Charlene Kemp, who said she is a sensitive who can contact spirits, said she believed the doll was haunted.

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She said: “I think there are two spirits attached to it, one female and one male. 

“Neither is demonic but something is not very nice with the male.”

Charlene said that she believed it was the female spirit which was scratching married men for some reason.

Find out more about the group by searching Project-reveal on Facebook or visiting http://paranormal-magazine.com. 

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