Holiday from hell costs Rotherham lads £15,000

A GROUP of 11 mates from East Dene reckon they have been left £15,000 out of pocket after a disastrous trip to Magaluf.

The group was two days into their £4,000 holiday in Magaluf when they returned from a night out to find that one of their rooms had been ransacked and thieves and stolen clothes, cash and valuables.

And to add insult to injury, the lads say staff at the Fiesta Jungla hotel blamed them for stealing their own belongings . . . and kicked them out.

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Jamie Fell (21) who was sharing the burgled room with mates Hayden Millar (18) and Brad Robinson (19),  said: “They did nothing to help us — they threatened and intimidated us and then told us to get out.

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Taking into account the cost of flights home, the holiday cost, the value of the items stolen and 300 euros each shelled out for booze cruises and excursions, the friends, who are all aged between 18 and 24 and mostly from East Dene, claim the burglary cost them £15,000 overall.

A Thomson spokesman said: “Our resort team did everything they could to help resolve the issues while the party were still in Majorca, however the customers chose to fly home early.

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