Hero teens’ roadside rescue of 92-year-old man

TWO heroic students who went to the rescue of a 92-year-old man who had fallen and lay bleeding “profusely” in the road outside their school have received the “highest praise” from his grateful family.

“Future paramedic” George Mason and fellow Maltby Academy sixth form student Alicia Smurthwaite both dashed to the aid of the elderly man after he collapsed while crossing Braithwell Road near the school.

Sixteen-year-old George, a cadet with St John’s Ambulance, had been travelling away from school with his mum Sara in their car when he spotted the stricken pensioner last Wednesday afternoon, while 17-year-old Alicia had been arriving at the academy and also ran to help.

“I got out and went to see what had happened, and there was blood everywhere, on his hands and on his head,” said George, who lives in Ravenfield.

“I ran back to my mum’s car and got the first aid kit.

“I put some absorbent pads on (his injuries) but the bleeding was heavy and kept seeping through.”

Alicia, who is a first-aid trained lifeguard, said: “I went over to see if he (George) needed any help and got my kit out of the car.

“A member of the public had called 999 and said the ambulance would be 40 minutes so we sat with him by the roadside.”

George, who has wanted to be a paramedic since primary school, said: “The ambulance arrived half an hour later.

“The man’s hands had stopped bleeding and his nose so I kept the pressure on his head injury until the paramedics arrived.”

Alicia, who lives in Warmsworth, added: “He got quite upset that we’d gone to help him — and then got upset that he’d caused such an upset.

“He was a really lovely old man.”

The injured pensioner was discharged from hospital and is now understood to be recovering at home.

His daughter, who asked not to be named, said her father described the duo “very kind” said they “appeared knowledgeable in how they treated him”.

She said he was very grateful to both students and the family had sent thank you cards.

Steve Plows, an ex-soldier and retired police officer, was driving the first vehicle to arrive on the scene.

He said George had shown “courage and training well beyond his years” in treating the elderly man.

In a letter to George’s St John’s Ambulance unit he said: “George dressed the wounds with skill and compassion in the very best traditions of the St John Ambulance Service and is a credit to you all.

“I have alas been both on the battlefield and at such incidents as Hillsborough and many road traffic accidents and, through my ten years as helicopter crew, been to many incidents of a serious, often fatal, nature.

“I have seen experienced police officers and soldiers who have ‘stood back’ and let someone else render first aid rather than get involved themselves.

“Not George — he waded in like a professional.  

“He deserves the highest praise and recognition.”

George joined St John Ambulance nearly two years ago, has been on various training courses and worked at events including Tramlines music festival and football matches.

Mum Sara said: “I am very, very proud of him. I was blown away with how he handled it.”

Maltby Academy pastoral admin officer Rachel Sneddon said the students’ efforts were “absolutely amazing”.

She added: “They showed so much responsibility and everyone at the school is really, really proud of their selfless act of kindness and the maturity these students have shown.”

Borough councillor Adam Tinsley, who volunteered alongside George at a ‘Re-Start a Heart Day’ at Maltby Academy earlier this year, said the whole community was “immensely proud” of the pair.

He said he had contacted the ambulance service asking for recognition for both students.




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