Help find Rodney the parrot!

A PAIR of panicking parrot owners have been searching through the night in a bid to find their lost treasure — prized pet Rodney.

The largely green bird escaped from a summer house in the garden of Richard Sharpe and Mandy Hutton on Oulton Avenue, Bramley, last night (7) and sparked a frantic effort to get him home.

Morrisons employee Mandy (48) said: “He flew off at about 8.30pm last night and we searched until midnight.

“As soon as it was light again we were up and searching again at around 4.30am this morning.

“We’ve put flyers through people’s doors and have put signs on lamp posts. We’re so anxious to get him back.”

Rodney, who has been owned by the couple for the past 17 years, escaped from the summer house when a mesh door accidentally opened.

Steelworker Richard (42) revealed that the bird is usually un-caged and free to fly around the couple’s home, but has never made a bid for freedom before.

He said: “It’s really worrying. We’re desperate to get him home.”


Anyone who spots Rodney is being urged to contact Richard and Mandy on 01709 547627 or 0774 855 8383.

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