Give a UNICEF gift and help a child

UNICEF has a unique Christmas gift that’s ideal for those who find it difficult to shop for friends and family.

Just what do you get the person who seems to have everything?

The answer is simple—get a Christmas gift that’s different, easy to buy online, and helps children in need.

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UNICEF inspired gifts are real, life-saving supplies that are delivered to children in emergencies and disasters around the world.

They include products such as water containers, vaccines, medicines, food, and education materials. Your friend or family member will receive a card which tells them how the gift is making a real difference in children’s lives.

Now with millions of children left vulnerable by flooding in Pakistan, there is no better time to add a UNICEF Inspired Gift to this year’s Christmas shopping list.

There is a gift to suit every budget—For just £9.50 you can purchase an emergency water kit to help a family collect and store clean, safe water when their regular supplies are destroyed.

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Help keep seven babies warm and protected from the elements for only £19.

You can help bring new life into the world by buying the equipment and medicines needed for the safe delivery of a new baby for just £23.

Or why not allow children to continue their education as soon as possible after a disaster with a school-in-a-box, for £170.

UNICEF is one of the world’s leading emergency agencies, responding to more than 200 emergencies each year.

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Never before has the demand been so high for essential relief supplies.

In Pakistan alone, nine million children are caught up in the current disaster and over three million are at extreme risk of disease.

This is wrong, but by purchasing one of UNICEF’s inspired gifts this Christmas, you can help to put it right.

Visit to see the full range of gifts available.

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And for those who don’t have everything, UNICEF also offers a more traditional selection of cards and gifts at

The top ten inspired gifts

1. Blankets for seven babies £19

Help keep seven babies warm and protected from the elements.


2. Story books £12.50

Open up the delight of story-time for whole groups of children with five story books.


3. Weighing scales for babies and infants £26.50

Essential equipment to monitor the weight of babies and infants.


4. Life-saving milk £13

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Help two children recover from severe malnutrition by providing vitamin-enriched therapeutic milk for a week.


5. Peanut paste to save a child from malnutrition £25

Help malnourished children with this life-saving therapeutic food. It's a high-protein, peanut-based paste that comes in a ready-to-use sachet.


6. Oral Rehydration Salts £26.50

Rescue 100 children from life-threatening diarrhoea with this low-cost solution of sugar and essential salts that is mixed with clean water.


7. Measles vaccinations for 50 children £19

Help protect 50 children from this killer disease.


8. School-in-a-box £170

This emergency education kit provides the school supplies that children need to continue their lessons as soon as possible after a disaster.


9. Emergency water kits (one family £9.50, 10 families £95)

Help families collect and store clean, safe water during an emergency.


10. Deliver a baby £23

Provide all the equipment and medicines needed for the safe delivery of a new baby.



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