Futuristic fashion comes to Meadowhall

PHOTOGRAPHERS chose an unusual venue for a fashion shoot — a deserted landfill site.

Previously used as a rubbish dump, the site off Meadowhall Road in Kimberworth temporarily became a fashion set for a photo shoot when Meadowhall Shopping Centre created their campaign images for October Fashion Month.

Meadowhall's October Fashion Month, now in its third year, is this year focusing on capturing, celebrating and exploring the importance and diversity of fashion in our everyday lives.

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The shopping centre will soon be exhibiting an example of sustainable and futuristic fashion-thinking with Catalytic Clothing designed by Helen and developed by scientists from the University of Sheffield.

The revolutionary dress, which cleans the air of carbon dioxide as it is worn, will be exhibited alongside an installation of “future fashion” concepts from students within the Centre of Sustainable Fashion.