Freedom Riders hit tracks again

SELF-STYLED Freedom Riders will hit the tracks again on Monday to continue their campaign for free train travel for older people.

The travellers will continue with their protests on Monday after taking their message to the Orgreave mass picnic and the Pensioners Parliament at Blackpool last weekend. 

The Pensioners Parliament at Blackpool supported the idea of a national campaign to defend concessionary travel.

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On Monday, Barnsley campaigners will meet at 11am at Barnsley rail station and board the 11.24 train to Meadowhall

There will also be freedom rides from all of the other South Yorkshire towns. 

The freedom riders will meet up at Meadowhall for a rally at 11.45am.

Campaigner Tony Nuttall said: “We said we would carry on until the original concessionary scheme is restored for both disabled people and the elderly. 

“There was no proper consultation on these cuts and we will stick together and keep going until we manage to overturn them.”