Fire service ice warning after Rotherham lake rescue

FIRE chiefs have warned people to stay off frozen water after a woman was dramatically rescued from a lake.

The woman had gone onto the ice at  Rother Valley Country Park to rescue her dog and got into difficulties, firefighters said.

She was followed onto the ice by a second woman who escaped unharmed.

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A spokesman said: “Aston Park firefighters had been training in the park at the time of the incident at around 2pm and rushed to rescue following a 999 call.

“The woman was pulled out of the water by firefighters using a rescue line. “She was close to exhaustion and was wrapped in a survival blanket until an ambulance arrived.”

Fire officers said the incident highlights the dangers of walking on frozen lakes and waterways.

Dog owners must be especially careful around frozen water and not throw sticks or balls onto ice.

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Should a dog go onto the ice and get into difficulty, owners are urged not to attempt a rescue as dogs will normally find their own way off the ice.

Tips for staying safe near open water include:

-Stay off any frozen water as the ice is often thinner than you think.

-Don't allow dogs onto ice and if a dog gets into difficulty, don't attempt to rescue it yourself.

-If you see someone fall through ice, ring 999 straight away and don't try to follow them onto the ice.


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