Threat to council tip opening hours

TWO household waste recycling centres could be shut for two days a week in an effort to save £26,000.

Warren Vale Household Waste Recycling Centre at Rawmarsh could close on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, while the Lidget Lane site at Bramley could close on Thursdays and Fridays.

Rotherham Borough Council said it did not expect any job losses as a result of the changes and the opening hours at the Car Hill, Greasborough, and Magilla at North Anston would remain unchanged.

Cllr Richard Russell, Cabinet member for waste and emergency planning, said a final decision on the partial closure would be made next week.

He said the council had taken into account various factors including location, the travel distance to alternative sites, facility size, customer usage, previous recycling performance and the provision for permitted vehicles.

Currently, the four centres are open every day from 10am until 6.30pm from April 1 to September 30 and from 10am until 4pm from October 1 to March 31.  

The management of the four sites is arranged through a contract with FCC Environment Limited and a variation to the contract will have to be agreed with them.