Rotherham Granny Girl plants 100 trees to help secure planet’s future

A YOUTHFUL 100-year-old nicknamed Granny Girl by her family looked to the future when she planted a mini-forest to mark her milestone birthday.

Margaret Sewell asked for cash donations towards a “tree fund” instead of gifts and collected almost £650.

Margaret — who was the Advertiser’s Women’s Page correspondent for more than 20 years — spent the cash on 100 oak, lime and beech saplings.

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She teamed up with RMBC woodland engagement officer Becky Dickinson and her family to plant them at Brecks in an area between Herringthorpe Wood and Gibbing Greave Wood.

Her daughter, Pamela Ward, said: “Mum wanted to give something back for the 100 amazing years she has spent on this planet and hopes that these saplings will grow and flourish for the next 100 years.

“We have also installed a bench made from recycled wood and an owl box to encourage them to settle in the area.”

Cap: Margaret with grand-daughters Layla Turney, Farrah Turney and Maggie Ward.

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