Plans approved for flats at former working men's club at Swallownest

The former Swallownest Social Club, Nursery RoadThe former Swallownest Social Club, Nursery Road
The former Swallownest Social Club, Nursery Road
CONCERNS about parking problems were dismissed as plans for flats were approved at the former Swallownest Social Club.

The building has been vacant for many years, during which time there have been several applications for turning the building into a residential development.

Two of these were approved before a partial demolition and creation of flats was rejected in 2021 over concerns the flats would be too cramped.

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But the latest conversion proposals, from Aadam Hassan, have been accepted by Rotherham Council.

The applicant asked for partial demolition of the old working men’s club, creating four apartments in addition to the existing landlord’s flat.

There were five objections, including from Aston Parish Council, which said: “Nursery Road already has parking issues, there are some dwellings without driveways and some with space for only one vehicle on their drive. These residents park on the street. “There are further parking issues on King Street as no properties have driveways, it is only on-street parking.”

There were also two letters of support for the plans, which said the site was attracting anti-social behaviour and needed renovation.

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RMBC approved the plans and a spokesperson said: “It is noted that the club operated without any off-street parking provision and would have potentially generated significant parking demand at times.

“In addition, any alternative community use of the building would no doubt generate parking demand, once again with no off-street parking provided.

“It is considered that the proposed residential development is sited in a sustainable location close to shops and a range of public amenities.”