LETTER: Fossil fuel removal should not be considered

REGARDING your article ‘Firm Launches Charm Offensive — Fracking is safer than Coal Mining’, I’d like to make a few comments.
Harthill fracking sites. Spen's FieldHarthill fracking sites. Spen's Field
Harthill fracking sites. Spen's Field

With concerns about climate change and the rate at which this is escalating, we should not even be considering removing any more fossil fuels from the ground.

If we care about our future and future generations we need to be looking at sustainable green alternatives.

Having signed up to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, I am shocked by a government intent on promoting fracking. A growth in alternatives such as solar, wind, tidal and bio gas energy would provide employment and hope. Looking at ways to reduce our reliance on energy is critical, including insulation and passivhaus standards for new build.

Wendy Hamilton, member of Rotherham Green Party

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