Keep your pipes fat-free

STOP throwing money down the drain along with your cooking oil.

That was the call from water officials as they urged householders to avoid risking costly pipe problems by chucking away unwanted cooking fat.

Yorkshire Water was in Rotherham town centre at the weekend handing out free sink strainers and showing shoppers what can happen when pipes and sewers become clogged with food scraps and solidified fat.

In the last year alone, Yorkshire Water has cleared 18,000 blockages in sewers across the region, with 37 per cent of them being caused by people pouring fat, oil or grease down the sink or flushing baby wipes, sanitary items or nappies down the toilet.

In Rotherham alone in the last year, there were 143 fat-related blockages and 81 of these were caused by people flushing away the wrong things.

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