Green bin trumpets have ‘bin’ silenced

TRUMPETS sounded from every town hall in the UK when green bins for garden waste were introduced. Be environmental friendly, use your green bin and save the planet was the call.

Now Richmond Council, the North Yorkshire flagship Conservative council where our William Hague is a Member of Parliament, are to charge £17 a year for one bin and £12 for any extra bin.

Fly tipping comes to mind, also if a Conservative council can’t balance the books when there is a Conservative government what chance has any non-Conservative council? What are next — the blue tin and bottle box, a charge for that? It’s enough to put you off beer and wine for life. It looks like the manure heap is going to make a big come back.

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I wonder if we will see a programme on the television showing us how to make manure. If anyone can show us how to make manure it’s them television people — they have been doing it for years.

The lady in the Advertiser who wants her tall handsome bin back, well lass I will have a tall green bin I’ll paint for thee if Rotherham Council want £17 off me for grass cuttings and a bit of privet. It’l only cost thee for paint and tha’ll have to fetch it thee sen.

Richard Billups, East Avenue, Rawmarsh