FLOODING: Bridgegate businesses badly hit - VIDEO

BUSINESSES around Bridgegate have been badly affected overnight by flooding which has left waste and sanitary products in the street — along with a dumped car.
Bridgegate floodingBridgegate flooding
Bridgegate flooding

A clean-up operation is under way at The County pub, where the cellar is completely flooded (below), with water levels reaching the bar. 

Landlady Bridgette Doyle said it started as a "trickle" at 11am yesterday and by 1.30pm “all hell broke out”.


The County landlady Bridgette Doyle was up all night as water levels continued to rise. Pub cellar left gutted, will be closed for some time. #rotherham pic.twitter.com/sLkqbBN8Pi

— Adele Forrest (@TiserAdele) November 8, 2019

Bridgette said she had “a little cry” — but is pleased her defibrillator fundraiser was last week and not tonight.

"I made the decision to close at 2pm," she said. "I live here so I was up all night with it. Two staff stayed with me until 8pm.

"The cellar is the size of the pub, everything is gone.

"Last week we had a charity Hallowe'en night for Sands (stillbirth and neonatal death) to get a defib. I'm so glad it was last week and not tonight."

Bridgette said she had been told by fellow publicans at The Bridge Inn and The Angel that they had also been badly hit.