Down she comes . . . Crinoline House disappears bit by bit: VIDEO

DEMOLITION teams have torn down former council office block Crinoline House piece by piece.

Operators used bulldozers and Tyrannosaurus-like cutting machines called mechanical pulverisers to tear chunks off the concrete building and clear them away.

The building—constructed in the early 1970s and occupied until 2010—housed

Rotherham Council’s social services department.

The demolition closed Centenary Way between 7pm on Saturday and 6am on Monday, with crews working throughout the night.

The demolition, reducing the building to 5,000 tonnes of rubble,  was carried out in just 33 hours by a specialist team from Ron Hull Demolition.

David Wall, contracts director with Ron Hull Demolition, said: “I’m pleased to say that there were no dramas.

“The demolition went absolutely to plan, bang on schedule throughout, and there was never any doubt that the work would be completed by the time that Centenary Way had to be re-opened for the Monday morning traffic.”

“Watched by crowds of spectators, many of whom had brought young children along to see the action, the demolition team got the green light to proceed at 8 o'clock on Saturday evening and worked round the clock to ensure that the road was re-opened at 6 o'clock this morning.

“By the time that dawn broke . . . and traffic began to flow along Centenary Way . . . just part of the bottom two stories of the building remained standing,” said Mr Wall.

“They are being taken down over the next few days, without impacting on town centre activity outside the site boundary.”

Advertiser reporter Dave Doyle captured some of the slow and steady task with his camera phone.

The pictures are by Advertiser photographer Steve Mettam, reader Luis Arroyo, who posted his on our Facebook wall, and Ron Hull Demolition.




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