Double Tata buy-out bid prompts staff relief

A UNION rep told of the relief among steelworkers after it emerged there were two bids to buy Tata’s speciality steels division.

But Chris Williamson, Rotherham’s Community union branch secretary, warned there was still a long way to go before a deal is struck.

The unnamed bidders want to buy the whole of the division, which was put up for sale by Tata in March and includes the works at Rotherham and Stocksbridge.

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Mr Williamson said: “We had communication that two bidders were going forward for the purchase of all the speciality steels.

“They can’t discuss who yet because of confidentiality, but they are going to be announced around the end of this month.

“I think there’s a bit of relief among workers now there’s potential buyers there. It takes away some uncertainty.

“But there’s a long way to go before we are there and have a deal in place.”

Cllr Stuart Sansome, who broke the news at Rotherham Borough Council’s Wednesday meeting, said: “The MPs and Community have done some great work.”