'Don't stockpile petrol' warning as tanker drivers strike looms

FIREFIGHTERS have warned residents not to store spare petrol in their homes and vehicles.

After the announcement of a planned strike by fuel tanker drivers, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue has warned of the risks posed by fuel and the flammable vapours it releases.

Assistant chief fire officer Neil Hessell said: “Petroleum is a very dangerous substance which we advise should never be kept in a domestic premise.

“The potential dangers are just too big a risk for you and your family. 

“It’s advisable that the fuel stocks that you have are conserved by avoiding unnecessary journeys and adopting other fuel saving measures encouraged by driving agencies.”

Petrol can only legally be kept in domestic locations when the storage building is not attached to a dwelling.

It must also be in approved plastic petrol containers with a maximum capacity of five litres. Only two may be stored in a safe place at any domestic premises.

A service spokesman added: “It is strongly recommended to keep any storage to the minimum.”

David Cameron has said there is "absolutely no justification" for strike action by fuel tanker drivers and Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude today advised keeping  "a bit of extra fuel in a jerry can was a sensible precaution."