Don’t cook drunk and ditch the chip pans – warning issued after Dearne Valley house fire

THE fire service has called on people to ditch the chip pan after a Dearne Valley kitchen fire broke out after the homeowner - who had been drinking -fell asleep while the chip pan was on.

Firefighters from Rotherham, Dearne and Barnsley were called to the fire at a property on Hurley Croft, Brampton Bierlow, on Sunday at 10.49pm.

"Upon arrival crews found the occupant outside and heavy smoke logging indoors," said a spokeswoman for South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue.

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Crews wearing breathing apparatus entered the property to extinguish the fire and stop the incident escalating.

"One woman was suffering from smoke inhalation and was treated by paramedics. Firefighters left the scene around 12.15am," added the spokewoman.

The fire, which started accidentally after the occupant fell asleep after consuming alcohol while the chip pan was on, has prompted the service to re-issue the following advice:

  • Never cook drunk. Many fires start when people start cooking, after having a few drinks, but fall asleep before they have finished.
  • Ditch the traditional chip pans. Deep frying involves heating cooking oil, which sets alight easily, to extremely high temperatures. Go for oven chips, instead.
  • Have working smoke alarms on every level of your home. These will give you early warning should fire hit. 


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