Divisions in Tory camp over leaflet blunder

JUST a few days of campaigning left, and the candidates are doing their best to ring every drip of media coverage ahead of polling day.

Conservative Michelle Donelan has even gone against the wishes of her party’s regional press officer to publicise Royal Mail’s blunder with her leaflets.

They wrongly sent several batches of the promos to areas outside her Wentworth and Dearne constituency boundaries.

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She’s had to re-print more than 1,000 and worries that the mistake will have cost her votes.

But the press office warned her against the move and refused to sign off the release, saying it could lead to a “Conservative campaign in chaos” response.

The Tory’s northern media office said there had been no problems elsewhere with leaflet destinations, and said showing anger at the postal mistake would not be the right message.

Miss Donelan did receive an apology from Royal Mail, and new leaflets have been sent out to the right houses.

The campaign trail is on the home straight, and hopefully there won’t be time for too many more rows within party camps as candidates fight for space on our website and in our news pages.