Violent Karl Bryan jailed for "revenge" machete attack at Maltby's Queen’s Hotel

A DRUNKEN pub-goer who was thrown out by security staff returned later armed with a machete and slashed a bouncer in “revenge”, causing him life-changing injuries.

Karl Bryan (53) was jailed on Tuesday for slashing the door supervisor at Maltby’s Queen’s Hotel last June.

The victim said he still suffered sleepless nights over the attack, adding: “I did not know if I would live or die.”

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Sheffield Crown Court heard Bryan - of Park View, Maltby - had gone home after being thrown out of the pub and armed himself with the blade, before heading back to the Queen’s an hour later and using it on the security guard.

Mr Stuart Bell, prosecuting, said: “His purpose was revenge for the perceived humiliation and bad treatment he had received.”

He said the victim had been bleeding heavily and “losing consciousness” and the court heard he had undergone an eight-hour operation but was still suffering the effects of the injury.

Relating his ongoing trauma, he said: “I thought: ‘Why did this happen?’

“I feared he wanted to kill me.

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“Some nights I don’t sleep. I wouldn’t wish this misfortune on anyone.”

The victim’s injury was described as ulnar nerve damage “causing life-long disability due to loss of arm function”.

The prosecutor said of Bryan’s actions: “Having been ejected, he returned home to retrieve his machete, returning an hour later to the pub with that machete.

Defence barrister Mr Dermot Hughes highlighted references suggesting Bryan, who was convicted by a jury, was highly respected in the community and his actions were out of character.

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He said Bryan, despite taking the case to trial, had expressed genuine remorse.

Mr Hughes said the case had to be seen in the context that another man at the pub had attacked Bryan after the assault on the bouncer in what the barrister called “a vicious attack” - for which no charges were brought.

Judge Rachel Harrison told Bryan: “This was an attack carried out in revenge for what you called in your evidence to the trial your ‘earlier humiliation’.”

She sentenced  him to six years for wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and 18 months, to run concurrently, for possessing an offensive weapon.


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