Police action curbs crime trend near housing estate

POLICE have snuffed out a mini crime spree not far from the Candle Crescent housing development in Thurcroft.

And they believe a surge in criminal activity complaints in Swallownest was influenced by issues at a mental health facility.

Two of Rotherham's three policing districts have seen crime fall, according to the latest figures to be made public.

Overall there were 2,648 crimes reported across the borough in June.

That constitutes a fall in all areas other than Rotherham North, the district which includes Wath Upon Dearne, Rawmarsh, Parkgate, Wentworth, Thrybergh, Swinton, Brampton, and Manvers.

The data suggested there had been 13 crimes reported in the vicinity of Westcott Mews, Aughton.

They were classified as ten violent and sexual offences, two public order and one anti-social behaviour incident.

But a South Yorkshire police spokeswoman explained: “It looks like the data highlighted around the Westcott Mews area is actually including data from the nearby Swallownest Court mental health hospital.”

Police described this as a “repeat location” in terms of police activity.

The hospital administrators have been unable to shed light on issues there.

Julie Thornton, director for Rotherham Care Services at Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We have not seen a rise in incidents relating to crime during June. However any incidents which are reported directly to the police either by our staff, visitors or local residents will be recorded by the police and we do not have that information.”

The picture was easier to understand regarding antisocial behaviour around Candle Crescent.

A police spokesman explained: “Within this vicinity is a derelict property which caused an increase in anti-social behaviour due to youths gathering within the property.

“This was promptly dealt with by local officers who were able to make arrangements for a camera and security fence to be installed.

“Officers were able to issue Acceptable Behaviour Contracts to individuals who were identified as being involved and this has prevented further incidents.”

In Rotherham South, there were relatively high numbers of crimes in Doe Quarry Lane, Dinnington and Bawtry Road, Maltby.

Shoplifting at Parkgate in Rotherham North was a continued thorn in the side of police and traders and there were nine reported cases of anti-social behaviour near St James' View, Ravenfield.

In Rotherham Central, the overall crime rate was lower than in the three preceding months, although violent and sex cases were marginally up.

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