Fire service issues fireworks advice

HELP Bonfire Night go with the right sort of bang by celebrating at an official firework display — and spare at thought for your pets.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and the RSCPA are both urging people to attend organised displays rather than setting off fireworks in their own gardens.

The fireworks period is traditionally one of busiest times of the year for firefighter, but they are hoping to continue reducing their call-out rate and keep residents safer.

Diane Malpass, the fire service’s head of community safety, said that the best way to enjoy bonfire night was to attend an organised display.

She said: “The bonfires are bigger, the fireworks are better and they are a lot safer.

“If you are intent on holding your own display, the advice is simple.

“Only buy British Standard marked fireworks, follow the instructions on the box and site any bonfires well away from buildings.”

Bonfire Night occasions in Rotherham this year include Brinsworth’s bonfire and fireworks display at Brinsworth Playing Fields on Saturday at 6.45pm, the annual Clifton Park bonfire and fireworks celebration from 4pm on Sunday and Maltby’s event from 5pm on Monday on the Manor Fields.

Whether staying in or heading out, pet owners are urged to think of how to ensure their four-legged friends are not upset by the big bangs, and wild animals escape unharmed.

The RSPCA received almost 300 fireworks-related calls last November, most of them about animals scared of fireworks.

RSPCA chief veterinary officer James Yeates said: “We’re urging those holding displays to think about giving people in their area plenty of notice of when they will be.”

For those holding their own celebration at home, Mr Yeates added: “Please do check your bonfires before you light them as they're ideal hiding places for wild animals.”

For tips on how to keep your pet calm this Bonfire Night, visit

For more advice on bonfire and firework advice, go to the fireworks pages of the fire service website.