Drink-driving figures up, police reveal

THE number of drink-drivers on South Yorkshire's roads is increasing, new figures show.

More than six per cent of 1,595 motorists in June were either positive or refused to be breathalysed.


Chief Insp Stuart Walne said: "Running an intelligence led initiative means that while the total number of breath tests carried out has reduced in comparison to initiatives, the percentage of people caught drink driving has actually increased compared to the figures from last summer.

"The increased percentage of arrests shows we are serious about keeping people safe from drink drivers.

"I'd like to thank not only my colleagues for working so hard, but also the public in helping to inform us of regular drink drivers.

“No-one wants to have a police officer knocking on their door to tell them that someone that they care about has been killed as a result of something so easy to avoid.

“Such instances are not acceptable on the roads of South Yorkshire.

“If you know someone that regularly drives under the influence of drugs or alcohol I would urge you to contact South Yorkshire Police on 01142 202020 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.”