Calls for return of missing Laughton defibrillator

The missing life-saving unitThe missing life-saving unit
The missing life-saving unit
A LIFE-SAVING defibrillator has disappeared from outside a Laughton primary school.

The device, bought 18 months ago with help from the British Heart Foundation and used at least once, has been missing since last Wednesday.

The defibrillator was kept in an unlocked box at the school gate, as required by the heart charity.

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Three other devices stationed around the village are in sealed cabinets, unlocked with a code held by 999 call handlers.

Parish councillor Simon Johnson said: “For someone to steal something like that is a bit low, in my opinion.

“If it’s just kids who have taken it for a joke, then all we ask is that they bring it back.”

Laughton-en-le-Morthen Parish Council bought the subsidised kit along with three other units.

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The village is around 30 minutes away from Rotherham Hospital and all of the defibs have been used “on a number of occasions,” council clerk Caroline Havenhand said.

“These units are quite robust,” she added. “If someone has dumped it, we may be able to recover it and put it back.

“Otherwise, we will have to pay an insurance excess and replace it. If we do that, we would have to consider putting it in a locked box.”

Emergency services said that the defib has not been reported used recently, leading parish councillors to suspect foul play.

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The theft was reported to police last Saturday — councillors decided this Monday to replace the unit it if was not returned by the end of the week.

Anyone with information about the missing defibrillator is urged to call Mr Johnson on 01909 561886, or the school on 01909 550531.

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