Body of 'very skinny' pup found dumped in carrier bag

THE body of an eight-week old pup was found in a Poundland carrier bag in Mexborough.
DUMPED: Jack Russell pupDUMPED: Jack Russell pup
DUMPED: Jack Russell pup

The “very skinny” Jack Russell pup was found dumped in the bag, and the RSPCA is asking for the public’s help to find out more about the incident.

Inspector Jack Taylor responded to a call from a member of the public on Saturday after the female dog’s body was found dumped on wasteland in Mexborough.

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It is believed the pup had been dumped that same day - as the body was dry despite rainfall the night before.

PUP: Found in a carrier bagPUP: Found in a carrier bag
PUP: Found in a carrier bag

The dog was in a blue Poundland carrier bag, on a brownfield site by Pitt Street, towards Windhill Avenue.

A dog walker had spotted the pup in the bag while walking their own dog at approximately 1pm, and sounded the alarm to the animal welfare charity.

The Jack Russell is thought to be approximately eight weeks old, and she is predominantly white with brown fur on her face, and black markings above her tail.

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Anyone with information has been urged to contact the RSPCA’s dedicated inspectorate appeal line.

Inspector Taylor said: “This was a heartbreaking discovery for someone to make.

“The poor Jack Russell pup was very skinny, and we believe had been dumped earlier that day on 6 April on this wasteland in Mexborough.

“We don't know what happened to this pup - or if she was the poorly runt of a litter that had sadly died; but it's so sad to see her body just dumped on a brownfield site like this.

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“Anyone with any information about where this pup may have come from, or what may have happened, is urged to contact our inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018, and quote incident number 01245971.”

The RSPCA recently launched a cost of living hub for any owners struggling with any costs associated with owning a pet.

Jack added: “Times are hard right now - but we’d always urge any animal owners grappling with costs to reach out for help.”

This year the RSPCA celebrates its 200th birthday. To mark the anniversary the charity wants to inspire one million people to join their movement to improve animals’ lives. To find out more visit