Consultation launched over voting shake-up

THE biggest change to the electoral registration system in 100 years is coming to the borough.

Households will soon receive a letter from Rotherham Borough Council’s electoral registration officer explaining the change to a new Individual Electoral Registration system.

The council said that the new system was more secure and would replace the old Victorian system where the ‘head of household’ registered everyone living in a property.

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Now, each individual will be responsible for registering themselves.

Many residents will automatically move onto the new electoral register, but some will need to take action to join or remain on it, and for the first time this can be done online.

Electoral services manager, Mags Evers, said: “Rotherham residents will receive a letter during the first week or August that will explain the change to the electoral registration system.

“A national publicity campaign to make people aware of the changes started on the July 3.  

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“Many Rotherham residents will be amongst the last in the country to receive their letters, due to the fact that our Electoral Register is comprehensively up to date and most Rotherham electors will be automatically transferred to the new system and will not have to do anything to remain registered.

“So, don't panic, look out for the letter as it will tell you if you have been automatically transferred to the new register or not.

“If you have not been transferred, you will need to provide some additional information and the letter will tell you exactly what you need to do.”

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