Complaints after music from early hours Magna rave night heard miles away

A HALLOWE’EN-themed rave night hailed as “legendary” and “amazing”’ by dance music fans was branded as “torture” by raging residents who said they were kept awake all night by its throbbing bass boom.

A HALLOWE’EN-themed rave night hailed as “legendary” and “amazing”’ by dance music fans was branded “torture” by raging residents who said they were kept awake all night by its throbbing bass boom.

The FearFest event at the Templeborough science centre on Saturday night prompted grumbles as far away as Wickersley, Herringthorpe and Broom.

Rotherham Council said it had received more than 20 complaints and was considering what action to take.

Sleep-deprived Richard Kaye, of Moorgate, complained to his local borough councillors about the disturbance, which he said had gone on until 3am on Sunday - just after the clocks went back.

“So much for getting an extra hour’s sleep,” he stormed.

“It was like someone had set up a hi-fi in my back garden.

“The wall was vibrating and given how far away it was, it was a bit scary.

“I initially thought it might be coming from the New York Stadium but then I remembered the sound was exactly like when Magna had a 90s event in the summer, which went on until 11.

“It was supposed to be Halloween-themed but this wasn’t the Time Warp - it was very loud rave-type music.

“If you live near the town centre, you expect a bit of noise but you expect it to be reduced around 11pm, after which it is illegal.

“The constant, stop-start of the noise was like torture.

“I saw one comment from a woman in Canklow who said she wished she had bought a ticket because she might as well have been there.”

Users of the Next Door social network reported the music and bass boom could be heard in Herringthorpe, Broom, Moorgate, Whiston, Boston Castle and Canklow.  

Mr Kaye, who pointed out making excessive noise after this time was illegal under the 1996 Noise Act, said he would expect Magna to ensure events complied with the law, including having decibel meters which might disconnect the power if the agreed level was surpassed.

He added: “I have been to see AC/DC and Monsters of Rock and they have certification.

“By all means, maximise the revenue but make sure all the relevant laws are being thought about.”

A spokesperson for Magna confirmed the venue had received “a few” direct complaints.

He said all large scale events involved working with and gaining the approval of RMBC’s safety advisory group, adding: “During the event, the organisers respond to on-site input from RMBC’s environmental health team and adjust noise levels appropriately.

“We completely understand that there is a balance to be struck between people enjoying the event and Rotherham’s wider community.

“Such events happen three to four times per year and generate very few complaints given their size and scale and we are always ready to listen to people’s views.”

RMBC’s assistant director for community safety and street Scene, Tom Smith, said: “The council’s regulation and enforcement team received five complaints from residents during the event at Magna and a further 21 complaints after the event.

“Officers on out of hours responded to complaints during the evening.

“The council will be considering its options in relation to the organisers and the event location.”

Event promoter Wired Events has been contacted for comment.