Chuck out your fire hazard dolls, OAP told

A CANCER sufferer has been ordered to get rid of her treasured collection of toy dolls—after it was branded a fire hazard by housing officers.

HOUSING officials have ordered a cancer-stricken elderly woman to get with of her treasured collection of dolls because they are a fire hazard.

A neighbour complained about "excessive junk" in the front room of Doreen Gubby's bungalow in St Joseph’s Court, Dinnington.

And 2010 Rotherham Ltd told her to get rid of the models - all dressed in clothes Doreen makes herself - just days after the 7-year-old was told she has cancer.

Doreen said the first she knew of the problem was when she returned home after three days in hospital after she collapsed with angina attack to find that the locks on her door had been tampered with  a letter from a housing official telling her about the complaint

She added: “They said if you don’t move them then they will.

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A spokesman for 2010 Rotherham Ltd said officials had visited the flat and confirmed the dolls were a fire hazard.

A spokeswoman said: “We’re working closely with Mrs Gubby to remove a large amount of belongings which have become a fire hazard.

“Although we sympathise and understand that removing the items will not be an overnight task, we have to consider Mrs Gubby’s safety and that of her neighbours.”

I'D RATHER BE DEAD THAN KEEP LIVING HERE . . . . Doreen's reaction, see this week's Advertiser.


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