Christians from North Carolina welcomed to Maltby

MEMBERS of a church in Maltby welcomed a group of fellow Christians from across the pond as part of an exchange project.

RotherFed teamed up with Maltby Full Life Church to welcome a group from First Assembly of Asheboro Church, in North Carolina, last week.

As part of their stay in the borough, the visitors took took part in a Community Sports Attack session on Millicent Square, Maltby.

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Diana Faid, RotherFed’s community sports organiser in Maltby, said: “I am based at the church and they said they had ten people coming down from North Carolina to work with them and they asked if there was anything they could get involved with.

“We wanted to reach out to the children in that area as well because they said they didn’t have to do so I organised a sports session.”

The Americans also took part in a community clean-up event during their stay in Maltby last week.

A group from Full Life Church will travel to the United States as part of the exchange project.

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Ms Faid said: “I think sport is really important because it gets kids engaging with each other and as well as helping improve their health, it’s good fun.”

For more information on RotherFed and details of similar sessions visit or call 01709 368515.

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