Catch the bus to better health

ROTHERHAM residents are getting the chance to have a health check up the fast way as the health bus comes to town.

The bus, which has been loaned by pharmaceutical company Pfizer, will be staffed by professionals to help guide people into lifestyle changes.

The bus will be visiting All Saints’ Square on Tuesday, May 7 and 8, Parkgate Shopping Centre on Thursday, May 9 and Tesco at Maltby on May 10.

Topics will include healthy eating and weight management, increasing physical activity, stopping smoking, safe drinking and substance misuse.

Alison Iliff, public health specialist, said: “The health bus is a convenient way for people to get their hands on information so they can take a few steps toward a better lifestyle.

“The bus will be in convenient locations and packed with useful, easy to understand information.

“Anyone who is looking for friendly, impartial advice about their health is more than welcome.”