Cash up for grabs for community groups

COMMUNITY groups are being asked to apply for one of 12 awards that will bring £200 in prize funding for worthwhile causes.

The Rotherham Federation of Communities (RotherFed) is urging representatives from voluntary community groups and initiative to put themselves forward for Achievement and Improvement which will be presented in 2016.

Six awards will be available in each category, with winning entries scooping £200 in prize money.

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To apply for an award or to sponsor any of the 12 Achievement Awards should contact RotherFed on 01709 368515 or email [email protected]

Groups have until May 20, 2016, to complete their application forms.

Those interested in being considered for an Improvement Award should contact Community Development Officer Gavin Shawcroft on 01709 368515 or via email to [email protected].

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