Canadian TV audience told Rotherham Council 'used kids as political weapon'

THE Rotherham UKIP fostering scandal has gone global with a Canadian current affairs programme labelling the issue a ‘political kidnapping’.

Ezra Levant, of the Sun News Network’s The Source programme, called the row a ‘terrifying story’ in an interview with George Igler, managing director of the Discourse Institute, a UK-based  organisation which says it is dedicated to making Britain a ‘nation where tolerance is a national consequence of the rights that we enjoy, not an enforced illusion of the punishments that hang over us’

During the interview, posted by the Discourse Institute on Youtube, Mr Levant accuses Rotherham Council and Joyce Thacker, the council’s head of Children’s Services, of ‘using children as a weapon against political opponents’.

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Mr Levant is billed by the Toronto-based Sun News Newtork as ‘Canada's no.1 defender of free speech,  best-selling author, lawyer, blogger and general trouble-maker.’

He is one of Canada's best-known conservative pundits.

Mr Igler is described as a political analyst and strategist who researches both religious and political extremism.

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