Brave Ash's agony in bid to win dream wedding

THEY say a picture paints a thousand words, but the many words suggested by Ash Bradbury’s face in these pictures would probably be unprintable.

The plucky 28-year-old agreed to have his legs waxed to raise money for a good cause.

He and his fiancee Julie Braddock (31) are trying to win a dream wedding by being one of six couples taking part in Hallam FM’s 2016 You Tell The Bride contest.

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They have to raise the most money for the Cash for Kids charity by March 6.

Julie, of St Mary’s Crescent in Swinton, and Ash, who lives in Chesterfield, have organised a number of fundraisers but the visit to Get Fresh on West Street, Wath, was perhaps the most painful.

Julie told the Advertiser: “Ash loved it loads. Yes, sure.

“He can sum up the experience in four words: Not for a man.

“Ash did say he’d sooner get punched in the face than do that.

“He’s going to be stroking his legs more than mine now though.”

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