Borrower returns library book - after 45 years

STAFF at a Rotherham library received a blast from the past when a book was returned—45 years overdue.

The Penguin first edition copy of Quatermass and the Pit by Nigel Kneale, was delivered via Royal Mail to Dinnington Library on Saturday, February 27, much to the surprise of library staff, including principal library assistant Alison Lawrie, who originally opened the package.

“I thought at first it was just a normal return, until I saw the colour of the pages, they were very brown around the edges,” said Alison.

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“Then I noticed it was an early Penguin book. It was a real surprise, even more so when I looked inside to see the date of return.

“It's true that some people like to take their time with a good book, but 45 years is an incredible amount of time!”

In 1965, the Sound of Music Soundtrack was the best selling album, Harold Wilson was Prime Minister, a James Bond Aston Martin from Corgi was the toy to have at Christmas, the Millers were in the old league two and Dinnington Library was under the control of West Riding County Council.

Never heard of Quatermass? Here's a clip of the classic 60s film adapted from the book.



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