Battle to end flooding misery

A PENSIONER has been left devastated after her home was flooded twice in two weeks when the drains in her village overflowed.

Yorkshire Water and Rotherham Borough Council said they were now working together to find a solution to the flooding issues in Swinton.

Homeowner Janet Ross (70), who lives in a ground floor flat of Chapel Mews, Milton Street, said she had been suffered problems with poor drains in the area for ten years but this was the first time she had been flooded.

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Ms Ross was hit twice in October by flash floods and her home was drowned in 18 inches of water, which destroyed the carpet in her hallway, bathroom and bedroom.

She said: “I was in such a state, it was really distressing.

“I didn’t want to leave, I daren’t open the front door I was in turmoil.”

A desperate Ms Ross said she was getting “fobbed off” by the council and Yorkshire Water who were both passing the buck when she reported the problems.

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“The drains are not taking any water, it’s always been a problem from Church Street near to The Gate pub down to Milton Street,” she said.

“We have had meetings about them in the past but nothing is getting done.

“It’s like a river when it comes down — the police had to stop cars from coming down the street, I couldn’t open my door.”

Ms Ross said rainfall from a nearby park also flowed downhill to her street, which made the problem worse.

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Graham Kaye, principal drainage engineer for Rotherham Borough Council, said the council fully sympathised with residents and was liaising with Yorkshire Water to try to find a solution to the problem.

He said the maintenance of public sewers in the Swinton area was the sole responsibility of Yorkshire Water.

“Following heavy rain on October 6, which caused flooding to public highways and homes in the Milton Street area, Yorkshire Water and council representatives met with residents and agreed to carry out further investigative works,” Mr Kaye added.

“During the next heavy rainfall, on October 28, the council attended the site and witnessed water escaping from the Yorkshire Water public sewers.

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“The council is due to meet with Yorkshire Water shortly to discuss the issues on site and to consider possible future options.”

A Yorkshire Water spokesman said: “There has been heavy rainfall in the area within the last month and we have carried out investigations on Milton Street working closely with the council to find out the cause of the flash flooding.  

“This has included taking CCTV footage of the sewer to look for blockages and removing  grit and silt from a garden of one of the homes affected to improve the quality of surface water flow into the street drains.

“We are committed to carrying out further investigative work until we have accurately identified the cause of the flash floods and rectified the issue.”

Ms Ross said she was disappointed the organisations had not updated her personally.

Her insurance has covered the bill for the damage and new carpets.