Approval for ‘best of public monarch’

Queen at Brampton Bierlow WorkshopsQueen at Brampton Bierlow Workshops
Queen at Brampton Bierlow Workshops
“SHE was the greatest monarch we could have possibly had”.

That was the sentiment of one resident in Rotherham — and echoed by many others — after the death of the Queen.

Many have remembered her “kindness, humour and integrity” during her 70-year reign.

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As King Charles III was proclaimed as the UK’s new king after her majesty the Queen’s death, many were saddened a mainstay of people’s lives would not longer be there.

The Advertiser spoke to residents at Rotherham Central railway station for their reactions.

Ben Crellin (27), from Greasbrough, said: “I was in bits when I heard the Queen had died.

“It felt like something was missing in my life which I could not explain.

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“The Queen is not a family member — but she always felt pretty close to being one in a strange way.

“She had been with us all our lives to give us guidance and courage during the darkest moments, as well as celebrating the good.

“The Queen was the most important woman on the planet and everyone is going to miss her.”

Ahmed El-Zadihir (56), who lives on Doncaster Road, added: “Words cannot describe the pain our nation is feeling about her loss.

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“I will miss the strength she demonstrated and the duty she had to serve our country.

“She lived a good and long life — having to contend with the death of her father at a young age as well as dealing with the loss of her life partner Prince Phillip, too.

“She defined everything that was British and good whilst pushing us on to be better.

“She was the greatest monarch we could have possibly had.”

Eugene Amos (63), from East Dene, said: “Like most people, I am devastated that the Queen has died.

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“Her life was filled with a sense of dedication to the British people from the very moment she was born.

“She battled crisis after crisis and overcame it all.

“She was the beating heart of this country for so long.

“Most of us have never been through something like this because she reigned for so long.

“A light has now gone out and it will be hard to replicate her because she was our Queen — a great Queen.”


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